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5 Safety Tips For People Living Alone

Blog | 4 April 2016

Living alone can weigh on the psyche. The thought that you are all by yourself, at the mercy of the world, with no one else to rely on can make living by yourself frightening for some people, especially young women and elderly people who are more vulnerable. If you live by yourself or are planning on living by yourself in the near future, consider the below safety tips for making the situation as comfortable as possible.

Safety Tips For People Who Live Alone

Buy a security system.

Having a security system not only lets you keep watch over the outside of your home and the vulnerable points of entry, but most systems come with signage that advertises the presence of a security system, which a lot of time, is enough to deter anyone from attempting to break into your home.

Keep your place well-lit.

Lighting is one of the number one things that intruders look for when deciding whether or not they are going to break into a home. Keeping your lights constantly on or off while you are there, or away, is not the most convenient or cost effective method of employing light. Invest in some motion sensing lights and integrate your home's lighting with mobile control so that you are able to turn lights on and off while you are away, at the very least, to give the appearance that someone is home.

Get a dog.

Having a dog, is like having a living, breathing alarm system in your house, not to mention a best friend. Having a dog will also allow you to place a “beware of dog sign” somewhere around your house to let people know that there is a potentially aggressive animal patrolling the premises – even if he or she is tame and docile. The possibility of a confrontation with an angry canine is enough to deter most would be intruders.

Equip your points of entry with sensors.

Installing sensors on windows, front doors and back patio doors means that anytime there is unauthorized entry, you are notified. You can also have this functionality linked to your phone or other mobile device so you can receive alerts and updates while you are not at home.

If you are buying a new home, make sure that there are windows near the front door.

Many intruders, if they are planning on forcing their way into your home while you are there, choose homes that don't have windows near the front door, because they can knock without you being able to check and see who's there first. If there are no windows near or in your door, install a peephole so you at least have some method of vetting people before opening your door to them.

Living alone can, but doesn't have to, be scary. There are many precautionary and preemptive measures you can take to ensure your safety and the safety of your property at all times, whether you are there or not. Take some or all of the above 5 pieces of advice and feel safer while you are home alone.

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