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5 Tips To Protect Yourself From Burglars

Blog | 17 October 2016

It’s not rocket science to protect yourself from burglars, but you also have to be a little shrewd about it. You should have basic security systems in place: alarm, lights, camera, and doors with deadbolts. But sometimes that might not be enough. Some burglars are more sophisticated than others, and depending on what type of burglar you are dealing with, your security system might not be enough to prevent a break-in. Here are a few tips to combat various types of burglars who might be targeting your home.

Protect Yourself From Burglars

  1. Lock Your Doors And Windows

    This is the most basic security measure you can implement. It is effective against petty criminals who prefer easy targets. It’s important not to attract attention by exposing valuables, and make sure there are few places to hide.

  2. Use Deadbolts And Cameras

    For slightly more determined criminals, you should invest in some basic technology. Some burglars act in the moment if they sense an opportunity, so don’t make your home a worthwhile pursuit. Keep valuables such as electronics out of plain sight, and install low cost security cameras along with lighting and deadbolts for doors.

  3. Have Strong Doors And Windows

    Some burglars like to smash their way in, get whatever they can, and get out. They are usually fast movers and don’t spend too much time looking for things to steal. Therefore the best defense against them is to have doors and windows that are not easily broken down or shattered.

  4. Connect Your Camera To The Cloud

    Sophisticated burglars can quickly disable a camera or security alarm, so make sure that the images are stored in the Cloud. This is important for evidence, because chances are this type of burglar may have previously come to your home disguised as a salesman. Notwithstanding their skill, alarms can still deter them.

  5. Employ Sophisticated Security Technology

    Professional, seasoned burglars usually don’t target ordinary homes. Their preferred victims are commercial buildings and warehouses. However, if you know you have valuable possessions, then the best form of the protection is a sophisticated security system that is connected to the local police. Always be aware of your surroundings and be careful about where you leave your information.

While there is no need to be afraid, you should have a healthy respect for burglars. They can be anything from desperate to professional, but regardless of how sophisticated they are, they all have the common intention of stealing from you. Take time to invest in a security system and don’t wait until you are a victim to do so. If you would like to know more about a security system that may suit you, please get in touch with our specialists for a free consultation.

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