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A really expensive noise maker

Posted by: Theresa

Date Posted: 2010-10-05

Protectron has been a joke from the beginning. Their installation guy couldn't install our alarm, said he'd be back the next day to finish, never showed up, after two weeks of calling the retailer, tried calling protectron themselves, took three people to find my information. Two weeks after that someone finally comes to finish install, steps on boxes marked fragile, broke a bunch of stuff. Got a FOB that didn't work, but hey we finally had our system. Green light went off two days later, called and was told that didn't mean anything my alarm still worked (later found out that meant offline, and meant it didn't work at all, except to trigger the sound coming from the box, the company wasn't getting any information) Found this out when my husband triggered the motion sensor in our garage, and half an hour later went in the house and realized what he had done, after neither of us recieved phone calls, I filed a complaint via e-mail, to which I never got a response. Wrote a letter, finally got a response (didn't call cause that's never gone over well) they acted all apologetic, said I just wanted my alarm to work, and a new FOB.

They assured me my alarm was working and that an error must have occured exactly on the date that my husband triggered the alarm. Got my new FOB to me quickly, sent out a repair guy within a couple weeks. He shows up late and without a phone, uses my phone (cell) and all my day time minutes to call in, says I have old inferior equipment, which wasn't installed right, said he'd have to do an all new install, but needed to wait for parts, be a week or so, that was a month and a half ago. He also told me if my alarm is offline the company is not getting readings, so I was lied to, and hve been paying a company to monitor my house for two years, that was never recieving a signal from our machine. So I have a noisemaker, that I pay for every month, I just called and said I want my money back for every month my alarms been offline, and my police permit transferred to a new company of my choice, customer service said she'd have to get back to me, that was yesterday, still haven't heard anything. Do not support this company, they don't hold up their end of the bargain.

“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

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