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ADT Money Back Service Guarantee Scam

Posted by: Jeremy

Date Posted: 2010-08-12

ADT may be the biggest and the oldest home security providers in Canada and USA covering over six million customers ranging form the commercial and residential sectors. I have one question to all the customers who have installed ADT home alarms i.e. Are you receiving the kind of service for the money you pay for?
As an ADT customer I would say “No”, the service and the product provided by them are not worth the money we spend and I was not happy with the service they provided form day one. I would advice the people who are planning to get a home security system to stay far away from the ADT, not only do they not provide service to what you pay for they want you to keep paying them for their non-services as well. ADT recently advertised the money back service guarantee which stats that you will get the refund within 3 day after the cancellation, I got ADT installed just because of this reason. Later on when I wanted to cancel their service they ignored it and told me that they lost my cancellation paper fax and did not refunded my money. The Money Back Guarantee is just another scam done by ADT to get more people to register their alarms. Other reasons why you should never get ADT installed are because of the costs due to the false alarms and lousy and poor customer service. ADT may be the biggest home security providers but they provide the worst customer experience ever. The only reason I have to give them a half star is because that was the lowest it could go !!

“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

2 Responses to “ADT Money Back Service Guarantee Scam”

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  • brodie wiegers 2011-06-04 14:18:38

    I can confirm that ADT and its dealers (TITAN) seem to be running a scam with highpressure sales people and misleading statments at best. also the unwillingness to stick to the terms of there own contracts regarding their "trial period" that they sell you on is sickening. I am sick of seeing people that are to nice or civilized getting walked all over by companies like this. I had to put stop payments on my account(quite hard to do when they seem to have 4 company names on there contracts) and have already spent hours on the phone trying to exercize my no questions no obligation 10 day trial that I was talked into by a seemingly nice and honest young man. I would also like to point out that ADT, Reliance Protectron, and Titan Alarm (Dealer) all use GE security systems and are all part of my contract. buyer beware!!

  • Silencer 2011-08-28 19:39:09

    I had someone show up at the door saying he WAS NOT a salesman, and worked for G.E. He said he wanted to promote their alarm company by placing signs on the front lawn. He stated that they would pay me for this by giving me free alarm service. He asked if he could come in, so he asked me a few questions then said "let me take a few notes" pulled out a contract and started checking off alarm location boxes needed. When he was finished saying I needed $1200 of alarm equipment and required a $500 deposit. He asked for my birthdate for the contract. I said "Oh, I just said you could come in, I am not buying this alarm system." He offered a free 10 day trial which I refused. No mention of my 'free' system for allowing them to put signs on the lawn, except to get in the door. If you just let the salesmen intimidate you, I am certain people would end up with a "free system" that cost them full retail. He left the contract on the table when he left. It said TITAN ALARM and RELIANCE PROTECTRON. No mention of G.E. so, another false ploy to get in.

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