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Think Protection avg 9.52 / 10

Protect America avg 8.18 / 10

SimpliSafe avg 7.92 / 10

AlarmForce avg 6.85 / 10

Brinks Security avg 5.4 / 10

Protectron avg 4.27 / 10

ADT avg 4.08 / 10

Alarm company customer reviews



Doing Unlawful Work

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2012-01-30

This company "fly by night". They obtained a one month permit to work in our town, and within a matter of a few hours made holes in my house. I was away at work, and the person who was there was allowed to sign. When I got home, I phoned the company. According to them […]

Piece of Mind!

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2011-12-20

ADT has been in both of my homes in the last 1 year and a bit and they have been great! My house is secure and safe my kids and i sleep better at night and when i leave my house i know that it is safe, there has been no alarm trips for no […]

Horrible customer service

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2011-10-29

I've been with ADT for a little over two years and while the system is simple and easy to use their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Sometime ago I wanted to investigate cellular monitoring. I called several times, being either disconnected, left on hold for way too long and even hung up […]

Negligent company!!!!!!!

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2011-10-20

ADT alarms well where to start, A sales man came to my door and offered me an ADT alarm system with free installation, which I have to say I thought was brilliant. So I signed the contacted and was so happy my family were going to be safe as I have a 21mnt old daughter […]

ADT rips people off and their staff are jerks

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2011-10-19

We got ADT installed last month when we moved into our new house. BAD IDEA, because not only did we get offered the $99 price but they took over $300 out of my checking account. I wasn't home, I was at work, so the babysitter was allowed to sign my name. Now I am stuck […]

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