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Alarmforce complete reviews

Posted by: Steve Nathan

Date Posted: 2010-06-24

I am really glad that a website like this has been made that compares the Top Home security providers in Canada and USA. Being a user of AlarmForce home security systems and monitoring services, I am taking some time off to let the people know exactly what to expect from Alarm Force Alarm Systems. Since home alarms require a lot of investment and the protection of our family is also at stake I didn’t want to take the process of installing a home alarm lightly. There are many factors that I considered while getting a home security system installed. I have divided the available security systems into two –

1) Internal home security monitoring
2) External home security monitoring

I got an Alarm force alarm installed 2 years ago and from the day of installation till date there have been very few issues. I would like to review alarm force according to the Internal and external home security they are providing.

Alarm force Internal Home Security :

Alarmforce home alarms provide a 24/7 home security, because of their instantaneous response when our alarm tripped off accidently has given me a feeling that my home is being watched round the clock by alarm force technology and dedicated staff. The doors, windows and secondary rooms are protected by motion sensors are very effective and I must say, smoke detectors are extremely useful for us. The best part about Alarm Force Home Burglar Alarm System is that their products can be customized according to our needs and the live two-way voice security is a link between the house and their central station. With all the services I mentioned they are affordable!

Alarmforce External Home Security

The External home security that Alarmforce gives includes Driveway alarms, Motion sensors and an additional Alarm Plus technology. The Alarm Plus technology does provides an added layer of protection. The driveway alarms are reliable and effective and are better for those who have yards and driveways and wish to secure them all. I have compared the prices of other companies and Alarm force. But I found that other companies offer less and cost more and Alarm force is both affordable as well as effective.

So for the question – Alarm force is good or bad? The answer for me is Alarm force equipments are good and 100 % better and reliable than other home alarm providers…

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“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

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  • Katherine Luke 2010-06-27 23:50:29

    I too agree with this. I escaped an intrusion because of AlarmPlus! We were hesitant in the beginning to add it. But thought of giving it a try which proved to be worth it!

  • Jason 2010-06-29 05:02:41

    Very informative review ! I wanted to get an alarm system installed long back, and this review has given an entire overview of Alarmforce home alarms.Thanks Steve

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