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Alarmforce – A Complete Home Alarm Package

Posted by: Michael

Date Posted: 2010-06-22

We were customers of Alarm Force Security Alarms since June 28 2006.
When Alarm force representatives came for installation I remember how well they managed the installation. They educated us on why they chose the location for the control panel and they did a small investigation to check the possibilities of an intruder in our home.

The first time I felt they were worth my money was when they rescued my family for a fire break out. My wife was on the phone and didn’t notice fire in the kitchen. But soon when the alarm went on she panicked. The representative who came instantly on the line calmed her and gave instructions to control the situation. And within few minutes the security personnel’s arrived my house. She still explains the story with  such excitement.

I had some billing issues too.There was a delay since my credit card reached to expiration date and didn’t renew it in time. But they were understanding and sent me a courtesy reminder.  A nice process!  

After this incident I bought the Alarm Plus Monitoring feature too. I must say it’s a wonderful service. I did a trial from my side to check the reliability. I had an instant response from their central station. There are lots of incidents where the burglars tamper the phone lines. This home security feature could be a life saver.

I was originally against having home alarms since I did not feel it necessary. But when I started hearing about burglaries in my neighborhood I thought to try this for my families sake. I am basically a business man so ultimately I know that money matters! Alarm force managed to gain my trust with their Products and Services. The final verdict from me is that Alarmforce is a complete home alarm package that I highly recommend.  Most impressive is that they have a clear process for every intance from false alarms to billing issues.

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“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

7 Responses to “Alarmforce – A Complete Home Alarm Package”

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  • Bryan 2010-07-28 06:54:40

    Alarmforce does have billing issues but thats OK their customer service is really good compared to my previous security system.

  • Jipson 2010-09-28 05:37:07

    I don't think that they are the best home security providers in Canada, buy they surely are one of the best..

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