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Alarm Company Rating

Think Protection avg 9.52 / 10

Protect America avg 8.18 / 10

SimpliSafe avg 7.92 / 10

AlarmForce avg 6.85 / 10

Brinks Security avg 5.4 / 10

Protectron avg 4.27 / 10

ADT avg 4.08 / 10

Alarm company customer reviews



Great home security system

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2016-04-11

I am so happy with Alarm Force – they have such good customer service and their home security system is great. I have no complaints – I feel so much safer in my home now.

Small business protection

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2016-03-28

I want to keep my business and employees safe so I went with Alarm Force for security. The fees are fair in comparison to the security system market and I don’t have to worry about a thing. I would recommend them not only based on their system but based on the customer service that I […]


Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2012-05-07

Very shoddy install, parts applied to wall with double sided tape and velcro. No wonder its free..I still feel like I overpaid!

Account Executive

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2012-04-04

Just bought out the remainder of my Alarmforce contract. The alarm worked fine, the billing was easy but wow did they give me a hard time about getting out of the remaining 10 months of my contact. I read the reviews and decided to have someone from their company uninstall the hardware because I hear […]

Is Monitoring Worth It?

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2012-02-12

Arrived home one day to find Alarm Force people there. They said the alarm had been triggered 2 hours eariler. I don't know how the alarm was triggered ealier and nothing was missing. So it makes me wonder what the point of monitoring is?? If someone had broken in, having AlarmForce show up two hours […]

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