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Brinks Security


Brinks Skips Important Contract Information!

Posted by: Andrews

Date Posted: 2010-05-21

I was pushed to buy a security system from a  Brinks salesman. For some personal reasons I had to save some money and hence I decided to terminate the service. This was when I came to know that I was under a contract and I had to pay them whether I wanted to leave or stay. When I inquired, they started giving me instructions about the stupid quit procedure and that they are not responsible if the sales man did not inform me of anything about this since they are independent vendors! Wow! Brinks have made me feel like my hands are tired and Im so dissappointed!

BEWARE – ask questions before you sign on with Brinks!

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“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

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