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Everything You Need To Know About Hidden Cameras

Blog | 5 February 2016

Hidden cameras have become vastly popular as their technology improves. Today’s hidden cameras can be placed in a wide range of settings to suit the needs of your home or business, but it can be difficult to know which hidden camera options work best for you. The following gives you everything you need to know about hidden cameras.

Hidden Cameras

Why Use Hidden Cameras?

There are many benefits that hidden cameras provide, including enhancing security and allow you to monitor the activities in and around your home. Hidden cameras help you keep track of your children in order to protect their safety and provide you with greater peace of mind.

Employers use hidden cameras to reduce the costs associated with theft from burglars or employees, and parents use hidden cameras to monitor the individuals they hire to take care of their children.

Wireless Options

Using wireless hidden cameras allows you to conceal them easily and place them in a variety of locations. These cameras typically use batteries along with a recording device to monitor the incoming video feed.

The latest wireless cameras use Internet streaming technology to make it easy to monitor your property from anywhere, although wired cameras are also available. To determine which option is best for you, consider how much recording you’ll need. Battery life and camera location will influence your decision.

Modern-day Hidden Cameras

Today’s hidden cameras offer an array of features to meet the needs of almost any situation. Self-recording cameras use SD memory cards to store video. Many have features that include motion activation, continuous, and scheduled recording.

Motion-activation and scheduled recording reduces the amount of time needed to review captured video and saves memory. Continuous recording is ideal for environments that require around-the-clock monitoring.

There are also IP and Internet-accessible cameras that use a Wifi router signal to transmit video recordings. Encryption is available with some cameras, which provides greater security when sharing video information.

These cameras are easily monitored from any location. Many allow you to use a smartphone to log into your video feed.

Legal Considerations

The use of hidden cameras has grown as their technology evolves. Inexpensive models that are easy to use have led to a greater presence of cameras in business and residential areas. These cameras are also smaller, which makes them difficult to detect.

This raises questions about the legal aspects of using hidden cameras. In Canada, surveillance cameras are commonly seen in a variety of settings. They’re used to prevent vandalism and theft on properties.

In the workplace, hidden cameras monitor any assaults that might occur on employees or customers. Many employers use cameras to monitor the behavior of their workers.

Employees and customers should be notified that they are being recorded with video cameras. This prevents issues related to privacy and disclosure.

If you install hidden cameras around your home, it’s also a good idea to place a sign that discloses their presence. Notifying the public that you are using hidden cameras will also deter any unwanted activities.

Using hidden cameras can provide you with a higher level of security in your business or home. There are many options to choose from as cameras become smaller and less expensive over time. Knowing what features are available will help you choose the best hidden camera for your safety and security.

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