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Everything You Need To Know About Security Systems

Blog | 29 January 2016

A security system is one of the best ways to secure your home from burglars. It need not be as expensive as you might think, and there are a variety of options available. The underlying principle of any security system is the monitoring of all entry points as well as any valuable items within the premises.

Motion Sensors

A typical security system would include the following components:

  • A control panel which governs the other components of the security system
  • Sensors for doors and windows
  • Motion sensors (interior and exterior)
  • Window and door sensors
  • An alarm
  • A warning sign/sticker stating that the property is protected or monitored by a specific company

The sensors are installed in such a manner that any movement or entry into the home where they are installed instantly triggers the alarm, which then alerts the security company, the authorities, or the homeowner.

The Control Panel

The control panel is responsible for the entire security system. It sounds the alarm and alerts the relevant parties when there has been a breach. The home owner usually has a special password he/she can use to arm or disarm the security system. More sophisticated variations of this would include voice recognition or fingerprints.


Sensors are usually placed on doors and windows which are adjacent to each other. That way there is an invisible barrier that, if breached by an unauthorised entry, will trigger the alarm. They are also installed in a particular space, making that space sensitive to movement. If the sensors detect any movement within its space the alarm automatically goes off.


Cameras can come in both wireless and wired variety. Their design depends on what you want to monitor and whether or not you wish to let occupants know that the place is under surveillance.

These cameras can be accessed from wireless devices such as your smartphone or tablets. They are particularly useful for homeowners who wish to monitor their property while out of town.


The alarm serves a variety of functions. It is the first line of defence once the control panel has been alerted in a breach of security. It makes a shrill noise that would usually scare away a burglar, or alert nearby neighbours that there might be an intrusion.

Warning Sign/Sticker

This may seem like an elementary item, but it is actually quite important. It is a valuable deterrent to any would be intruder, letting them know that this property is protected and that it is not going to be an easy target.

Communication with outside parties

The monitoring system can communicate with the company, homeowner or police in one of many ways: landline, cellular frequency, voiceover protocol, and Internet. The last two means of communication rely on the presence of power.

Professional Security vs DIY

Statistics show that homes with homemade security devices or ones in which have no security systems put in place at all are three times more likely to be burglarised than those without. A home invasion can cost you your valuables and sentimental items that cannot be replaced, so it would be better to invest in a professionally installed security system.

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