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False pretense

Posted by: silencer

Date Posted: 2011-08-28

I had someone show up at the door saying he WAS NOT a salesman, and worked for G.E.
He said he wanted to promote their alarm company by placing signs on the front lawn. He stated that they would pay me for this by giving me free alarm service. He asked if he could come in, so he asked me a few questions then said "let me take a few notes" pulled out a contract and started checking off alarm location boxes needed. When he was finished saying I needed $1200 of alarm equipment and required a $500 deposit. He asked for my birthdate for the contract. I said "Oh, I just said you could come in, I am not buying this alarm system."
He offered a free 10 day trial which I refused. No mention of my 'free' system for allowing them to put signs on the lawn, except to get in the door.
If you just let the salesmen intimidate you, I am certain people would end up with a "free system" that cost them full retail.
He left the contract on the table when he left. It said TITAN ALARM and RELIANCE PROTECTRON. No mention of G.E. so, another false ploy to get in.

“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

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  • Trijntje 2011-09-29 02:03:15

    Someone came to my house while I was not in. Sales pitch: ten day free trial if the advertisement could be put up. Unfortunately the person signing for the "free trial" also took the bank details of the person who stays at the house, and the small print: this contract is for 60 months, was not read. Free trial? I call it fraud, and have called the complaints section of the company. Their answer? If you want it removed, there is an after hours removal fee.

  • stupid!!! I think so..... 2012-01-19 00:33:32

    This is coming from someone who works in the industry. Ok so the guy seemed a bit shady, Ill admit he may have been overpriced and his sales pitch seemed to be very poor. He was maybe going though training and was nervous, heck Ive been there. Depending on how big your house was and what you may have asked to have your home proetcted, Ya it may have been $1200 bucks. No alarm you ever install in you house will be completely free and provide adequate security. The hard ware he was selling was G.E brand, and he worked for an authorized dealer called Titan Alarm. 75% of all residential systems are done by ADT, Reliance, and API are done through authorized dealers.

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