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Is Your Garage Safe And Secure?

Blog | 6 June 2016

Whether it’s your car, old memories, or bikes and pool gear, everyone wants to make sure their garage is safe and locked securely. Some people even turn their garage into a hangout place or a band practice space. Whatever valuables you store in your garage you want to ensure their safety.

Keep Your Garage Safe And Secure

There are certain precautions you can take along with your garage door being locked to secure it tightly. Even if you have electric sensors there are still a couple ways thieves and burglars can get in.

All electric garage door openers have a manual emergency release so you can still unlock your garage, even if the sensor isn’t working, or there is a power outage. But, some thieves take advantage of this release function as a way to get in.

A way to deter thieves from using this function or getting to your garage is to add trip sensors on your doors. You can have a sensor placed at a certain height and when the door opens past it, the sensor will go off. You can have the sensor be a silent alarm that goes directly to your phone or security company or you can have a loud noise come from the sensor.

The garage door opener only works if you remember to lock it. A garage door monitor would help remind you to lock the door. The monitor will send you a signal or message letting you know if the door is locked or even if you left it open.

Other simple ways to lock out criminals and thieves from your garage and away from your valuables are:

  • Add a deadbolt and a heavy-duty strike plate on your service door and other exterior doors of the house
  • Lock the entry door from your garage to your home
  • Cover the windows so no one can see what is inside the garage
  • Add a bright light on motion detectors so the lights scare away burglars
  • Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car, keep it with your keys
  • Lock your track by placing a padlock in one of the holes of the frame to stop the door from going up when you are away for long periods of time

Another way to make sure your garage is as safe and secure as possible is to get a high-tech opener that comes with a monitor, self-closing system, lighting controls and smartphone connection. This system will ensure everything is locked and closed and will tell you the moment it isn’t.

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