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Different Ideas For Home Automation

Blog | 1 August 2016

With today’s uber sophisticated home automation schemes, your house can virtually run and protect itself! Indeed, your family’s comfort and unbreachable security can be delivered automatically at optimal, desired times, or at the touch of a button. Just as importantly, these systems can make your home energy efficient, saving you money as well as shrinking your carbon footprint. What is home automation? In a nutshell, home automation is the automatic operation and scheduling of your house’s operating systems (i.e. heating and air conditioning, lighting, appliances, window coverings, security systems, and even landscaping systems such as water sprinkling). This operation is programmed and/or controlled remotely from anywhere using an Internet-connected computer or mobile device. What can be achieved with home automation? What’s possible with a home automation system? You could say, the sky is the limit. It all starts and ends with what makes your family’s life...

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4 Reasons To Get A Home Automation System

Blog | 4 July 2016

If you’re intrigued by the idea of remotely locking and unlocking doors, adjusting the thermostat, and turning lights on or off, then you ought to consider installing a home automation system. With the more up-to-date home automation systems available on the market today, you can automate and operate certain things in your home whether or not you’re physically on the premises. And that’ll open up a whole new world of opportunities for you and your family. Read on to learn about four reasons to get a home automation system. We’re betting that No. 2 will surprise you. Super Convenient: With a home automation system, you can easily keep track of and monitor various things in your home such as the thermostat, lights and more. Using any mobile device – a smartphone or...

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