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5 Tips To Protect Yourself From Burglars

Blog | 17 October 2016

It’s not rocket science to protect yourself from burglars, but you also have to be a little shrewd about it. You should have basic security systems in place: alarm, lights, camera, and doors with deadbolts. But sometimes that might not be enough. Some burglars are more sophisticated than others, and depending on what type of burglar you are dealing with, your security system might not be enough to prevent a break-in. Here are a few tips to combat various types of burglars who might be targeting your home. Lock Your Doors And Windows This is the most basic security measure you can implement. It is effective against petty criminals who prefer easy targets. It’s important not to attract attention by exposing valuables, and make sure there are few places to hide. Use Deadbolts And Cameras For slightly more determined criminals, you should invest in some basic technology. Some burglars act in the moment if they sense an opportunity, so don’t make your home a...

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7 Home Security Tips For Your Teen

Blog | 28 March 2016

Teenagers are at that difficult stage in life where they are no longer children but not yet adults. Even though your teen might be responsible and trustworthy, they are not immune from the dangers that may occur in a home, especially one that is not well protected. It is always a good idea to familiarize your teen with some security tips. Know Their Friends It may not always be possible, but it is good to know who your teen’s friends are-especially if he/she plans on hosting. Your teen may not know his/her friends well enough to recognise the danger of having certain people over. Check the Peephole Before Answering the Door Ensure that your teen always look through the peephole before answering the door. WE teach our children not to answer the door for strangers, but this...

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