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How To Prevent Your Home Alarm System From Failing

Blog | 4 January 2016

Simply having a home alarm system in place is not enough to prevent a successful break-in. Home owners often wish to protect their property with professionally installed monitoring devices, but unfortunately not all security systems are equal.

Home Alarm Systems

If you opt for an inexpensive security system, the flaws in such a system may actually cost you a lot more in the long run.

Here are some of the technical and logistical factors you must look at in order to make a security system effective.

Don’t make the control panel easy to find

In many security installations you will find that the control panel is not too far away from the door (quite often it is right next to it). This might make things easy for the homeowner who can quickly disarm the system without creating a false alarm, but it also makes things easy for a potential intruder.

The intruder has lots of time to either disarm the system or rip the entire control panel off the wall thus rendering it useless before the time window expires. Instead you should ensure that the control panel is well hidden so that no one without knowledge of its whereabouts can find it as quickly as you can.

Place the siren far from the control panel

If the siren is close to the control panel, then the intruder can simply follow the noise and destroy the control panel.

The power supply should be a good distance from the control panel

If the control panel is dependent on power (which is usually the case) then the burglar can simply unplug the transformer. If the transformer is unplugged accidentally or intentionally, the backup battery will also eventually die, rendering the system useless. Make sure that the transformer cannot be easily tampered with.

Ensure the telephone is hidden from outside view and out of reach

If the telephone is close to the window, then the burglar can unplug the telephone after breaking the window. Even with a glass sensor in place, the burglar will still have time to unplug the phone before a distress call can be made. Make sure that your telephone is well out of someone’s reach and hidden from outside view.

Be willing to spend a little extra

Many homeowners are attracted to lower cost security systems for the obvious cost savings, but as indicated earlier; this can prove more costly than having a proper system installed. Many of these systems are installed by inexperienced technicians so you should check on the credentials of whoever is coming to install the security apparatus. Additionally, you should be willing to invest in stronger physical security, such as locks and shatter- proof glass.

Your home security doesn’t just protect your valuables and the belongings you use on a daily basis; it protects your pets, yourself, and your family. Always ensure you’re investing in a reliable security system that will keep your loved ones safe.

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