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Is ADT Alarm System Company A Scam?

Posted by: Tracy Davidson

Date Posted: 2010-05-28

This ADT alarm system review will teach you about how to choose a good alarm system, as well as provide facts about ADT.

Now, just to give you a background about me.

I have been looking for a good alarm system for my apartment. Lately there have been quite a few burglaries in my area which got me worried. Asking around for referrals for a good alarm company, I managed to put together a few which were recommended by many of my friends. These include ADT, Alarm Force, and Voxcom. 

First off, while researching these companies what struck me was that all of them seemed reliable and good. My journey has been truly enlightening. What to Look For In a Good Alarm System?

OK, in order to choose a good Alarm company here are some points I have been looking for, no compromises:)

1. How long has the company been around?

2. How is the customer service?

3. What are the prices and plans?

4. What do customers have to say about them?

5. What are the overheads involved?

6. Do they have a referral system?

7. Does it have a warranty?

I then looked at their website and tried to evaluate the company. For me the most important thing is understanding whether the company has good customer service. Yeah, it's great to save some money but NEVER at the price of bad customer service. After all I want someone to assist me when I am in need.

How Does ADT Compare? They have a good looking website with lots of information. They provide various services and the price seems decent. They also offer a FREE security review, which sounds great. I also looked them up on BBB or Better Business Bureau. Looks like the company has had a lot of complaints, most were addressed by the company. I did find quite a few bad reviews about them on the Internet. Customers or self proclaimed customers are stating that they received bad customer service and their alarm systems don't work.

BBB has given them an A+ rating. I wonder what that truly means. I am inclined to believe that ADT might be a reliable company. I am not sure what to think of these reviews. Partly because I am very well aware that an unsatisfied customers can resort to any means to bad mouth a company. If you have anything to add please send in your comment below.

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“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

One Response to “Is ADT Alarm System Company A Scam?”

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  • martin 2010-06-14 23:50:02

    I would say that ADT is more of a very resourceful marketing company. And now since they have merged with Brinks without a shadow of doubt I can say that they will resort to much wider and bigger marketing strategy.

  • JimmiXS 2016-08-13 06:44:16


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