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Negligent company!!!!!!!

Posted by: cutts

Date Posted: 2011-10-20

ADT alarms well where to start,
A sales man came to my door and offered me an ADT alarm system with free installation, which I have to say I thought was brilliant. So I signed the contacted and was so happy my family were going to be safe as I have a 21mnt old daughter and another baby on the way as a mother I stay awake listening for noises!

It took over 5 weeks for an appointment for the alarm to be fitted which was 50/50 on both parties, when the workman came to fit the alarm he arrived 2 hrs early (workmen never early) he fitted the alarm in around 3 hrs but never said a word to me. When he was finished he asked me to set the alarm code and told me how to set full and half house, but nothing else handed me a booklet and told me to refer to it as and when needed!

When the man left the alarm looked horrible and wasn’t happy I jus thought it was so big and bulky I would get used to it!
The electrical cable from the alarm to the socket was in the way as it wasn’t flush to the wall; I gave it a few more days for me to settle with the alarm.

Around 12 days after my alarm was fitted, my 20mnt old daughter was playing in the hallway where the alarm was fitted (she plays there often normally waiting for daddy to come home from work)
After around 5 mins of her playing there she started to choke on something unsure of what I gently patted her on the back hoping she had just swallowed funny, when she started to turn blue I gave her the Heimlich manoeuvre, which dislodged a staple!!!! Yes a staple left hanging out of the wall by ADT themselves

I have now been in a two day argument with them which they say nothing is wrong as my daughter is still alive (thanks to me) and everything will be ok as they are having lots of meetings with tea and biscuits.

I have had my ADT alarm system removed but allot of holes have been left which they might one day get around to sorting!!

I hope this review helps sorry that it is so long!!!

“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

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  • Cathy Meyer 2012-02-23 23:50:30

    Hi, I am afraid you will have to wait long, i.e. forever. They leave the holes, and, once a customer has "ditched" them, they simply forget that there has ever been such a "customer". When they came to my house, they lured my husband into signing up, and showed him the business license - a one month license!!! Call that a fly by night? I have had NO contact since, no apology, nothing, and the hole is there to stay. I actually threatened them that I would go to the police if they did not remove it. And guess what: although they were forced to remove their stuff within 24 hours, they still billed my husband. It took quite a while before that money was returned. When I contacted the Town Office to complain, they said that, because the company had obtained a valid license, they could not do anything about it, but that I should report them to the Better Business Bureau.

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