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4 Tips To Keep Seniors Safe At Home

Blog | 10 October 2016

Statistics show that senior citizens are prone to accidents at home. Many of them want to maintain their freedom and independence, so they opt to remain at home. However this brings increased risk of suffering an accident. The places that enable regular people to carry out their daily routines present many risks to seniors. Whether you are a professional caregiver or you share a home with a senior, these tips will help you to create a safer environment for them. Install Gutter Guards Gutter guards save you the time and energy needed to clean up once the elements have run their course (such as snow, rain and organic debris). This is especially important for seniors who will have to risk climbing ladders should they need to clean the roof or gutter of debris. Gutter guards reduce the need to take unnecessary risks. Keep the Bathroom Safe Bathrooms are a potential danger area for seniors. Seniors can slip, suffer from cold shock or heat burns or have trouble...

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