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they robed my mom more than any burglar would

Posted by: derek

Date Posted: 2011-01-30

My mom has their alarm system. One day after 9 years the key pad no.1 button broke setting off the alarm as it is part of her code. She phoned just to inquire if they could fix it and would it cost anything because she knew after 9 years she no longer had a contract they said no and left the poor 58 year old woman with this solution. Try cleaning the button with keyboard air cleaner like dust off. So finaly i called and asked if they stand by their product besically they said that no it was my moms responsibility. So once again i said my mom is no longer on a contract and free to leave. So we will discuss this together and phone them back. I went to pick up my son from school and my mom said that they sent a tech and he showed up 2 minutes after I left and installed a new keypad. So I am thinking good they realized that we will switch the service I mean after 9 years of not being late one minute with the payments what is to them a 30 dollar keypad. Well 2 weeks later she gets a 485 dollar bill for the install we did not even authorize a tech to come and do this I was going to search for another company and get my mom to cancel protectron services.She got robbed. So we ate the 485 but switched to alarforce and as for protectron you can do the math 34.99/month x 9 more years. Also media is a powerfull thing I am determined to ruin thair rep.

“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

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  • stupid!!! I think so..... 2012-01-19 00:11:39

    The system was nine years old!!! Here is a thought CHANGE YOUR CODE!!!!!! The keypad probably wasn't available (old model). So with that said they had to change the panel as well (they work together). Which is a cost of around 300 plus install. A keypad isn't 30 bucks smart ass. As for the service they were trying to help, giving suggestions to resolve an issue. If they had to send a technician out every time some called for every stupid thing, they would have to employee half the country. As for the bill, they probably gave a suggestion of signing a new term of 3 years which I'm sure you or your mom didn't agree to. Hence the bill....... Good luck with alarm force. If you think that was an issue with reliance after 9 YEARS of service, just you wait. LMAO

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