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Alarm Company Rating

Think Protection avg 9.52 / 10

Protect America avg 8.18 / 10

SimpliSafe avg 7.92 / 10

AlarmForce avg 6.85 / 10

Brinks Security avg 5.4 / 10

Protectron avg 4.27 / 10

ADT avg 4.08 / 10

Alarm company customer reviews

Think Protection


Home security I control from anywhere

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2015-06-08

One of the issues I had with having a home security system installed was worrying that it would trigger for no reason, and I would not be around to deal with it. I travel a lot for work and being able to monitor, arm, and disarm it remotely has made all the difference!

No contracts means no worries

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2015-05-31

While I certainly intend to continue having a home security system for the foreseeable future, I hate getting roped into inflexible contracts. That is why I went with Think Protection and I am glad I did. Their service is great and I always know my home is safe in their hands.

Protecting what matters

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2015-05-24

Protecting your home from burglars is important but protecting your loved ones is even more so, which is why I went with Think Protection and their ThinkAlert system. Now I know that my father is safe at home while my wife and I are working, and we don’t have to worry all day that he […]

Best system for my family

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2015-05-16

After shopping around for quite a while, my wife and I settled on Think Protection for two reasons: no contracts and a remote access and control through the smartphone app. Since we both travel a lot, this is a great system for my family.

Will never worry again

Posted by: General

Date Posted: 2015-05-05

A natural worrier, I used to worry about my home all the time when I was at work or abroad. Since I got Think Protection, however, I have noticed that I am much calmer. Now that I know my home is safe and sound, everything seems a lot less stressful.

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