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AlarmForce avg 6.85 / 10

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ADT avg 4.08 / 10

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We Use AlarmForce

Posted by: Jill Jones

Date Posted: 2010-05-18

We use AlarmForce – the wireless Alarm Security Company (24/7 monitored) . My parent's house is monitored with their alarm system; we then added AlarmForce's AlarmPlus facility. It was very easy to incorporate this facility too. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and were recommended by many customers across North America. As of then Dad has fallen twice, once in the bathroom (Oh well, their panic pendant is waterproof!) and he pushed the panic pendant and within 15 minutes EMS came and they ringed me at once to tell this incident. Above all, with their live-two-way voice communication facility they can stay connected directly with the patient until the help arrives. It was such a solace to Dad.

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“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

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