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Worst Service Ever!

Posted by: Kate

Date Posted: 2011-02-01

I am having a terrible experience with ADT’s service. Here is the story in short: we were opening a store in Montreal in November 2010, called ADT (because their panel and equipment was already installed there) to connect the alarm. After couple days their sales person, Christophe Zenie, came to discuss the prices with us. We explained him that we rent the place by sublet which ends in April 2011, and may move out from the store earlier than that and that is why we don’t want to have any contracts. He told that was fine and ADT does not have contracts for small businesses and we can cancel for a fee of about 200$ anytime we want. He convinced us to install additional devices (which we found out we did not really need later on) for an installation fee of 176$. He gave us a piece of paper where that installation fee was written and asked to sign that paper, stating we agree with that sum. I have asked what else was written in a paper, so that I don’t take time to read it (because he was in a hurry for a next appointment), and he told that it was just a bill for installation (2 more people were there and herd that). Well, I usually trust people, so I signed that piece of paper, and he ran away for his next appointment. my biggest mistake was to trust that guy. As long as business did not go well, we decided to move out from that place in December (i.e. after having a service for only a month). I have cold ADT to cancel the service, and they told me we have a 3 year contract (that piece of paper called “the bill for installation” by Christophe Zenie) and to cancel it we have to pay 90% of the remaining contract, in our case the whole contract except 1 month used (i.e. 90% of 48$*12*3= about 1555$). I contacted Christophe and he told that he apologizes for a misunderstanding which was probably caused because he was in a hurry and the only thing they could do is to transfer the service “for free” to anyone or to our house. To put it short, no one wanted a service and we decided to transfer it to our house. “for free” came up to 470$ for installation. After searching the ADT website and talking and waiting for him to find out if we could have a 99$ installation plan I found on the website, he told “yeh, you can have it”. why did he have to give that crazy 470$ plan at the beginning if I asked for a cheapest one (because actually I don’t want any plan at all, but paying for a cancellation of service you have for a month 1600$ is crazy)? So yeh, awful service. Some other smaller issues such as not putting a note he was supposed to put in a contract saying that it is a replacement of the business contract, waiting 3 days for a technician (1st day they were supposed to come they just did not show up, second day they told that they came but no one was there (while there were 2 people waiting for them the whole day without leaving), third day with the appointment for 11AM they told that the guy who was supposed to come got an injury when I called them at 4PM (is it so difficult to call and notify people who are waiting?!?) and finally we had a guy coming only after a week of the date of the 1st appointment).
So, I will never have an ADT’s service ever again and suggest anyone wanting to get an alarm system – avoid ADT at all costs. Worst service I ever had in Canada. Just a bunch of people trying to steel as much money as possible from your wallet!

“ Please only post reviews if you are a current user with this company or have been in the past so that this information is as accurate as possible.”

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