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Why Should You Install Motion Sensors?

Blog | 25 September 2015

Motion sensors are yet another amazing option to protect a home or commercial property. There are different kinds of motion sensors to choose from, but all of them are beneficial and will show signs of an intruder. It is a great form of added protection when you are interested in the security of your property. Types of Motion Sensors Some of the most common types of motion sensors for the home include: Active Infrared Sensors Passive Infrared Sensors Active Ultrasonic Detectors Passive Ultrasonic Detectors The differences between these motion sensors is the way they detect sound or heat. The most commonly selected detector is the passive infrared sensor. The Advantages of Motion Sensors Not only are they a cheaper way of protecting a property, but they are proven to keep criminals away in most cases. The lights that the motion sensors activate are extremely bright and will turn on with the slightest sound or movement. This typically frightens a criminal;...

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3 Protection Systems Perfect for the Family

Blog | 4 September 2015

As a homeowner and parent, you want to feel as though your entire family is safe when they are on their own property. You never know what could happen or when someone might try entering the home while no one is aware. This is why there are many wonderful ways to protect your home and your family. With the increase in technology, home alarm systems only get better and better. It is a great way to keep all of those you love protected.   Visual Surveillance It’s one thing to have an alarm that can go off if something odd happens in your home throughout the day, but it’s another thing to be able to actually see what is happening. Having visual monitoring allows you to check in on your property, your family, and your belongings remotely from anywhere in the world. Advanced...

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