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What To Do If You’re Home During A Break In?

Blog | 28 December 2015

The thought of someone breaking into your house when you’re away is scary enough, but what do you do if you’re home during a robbery? There are ways to escape a home invasion that will ensure you and your family stay safe. First, you need to make a plan of what to do in case of any emergency. Look around your house for potential exits and hiding places. Write them down on a piece of paper and leave it somewhere hidden like in a book beside your bed. You should also store a copy in your phone. Talk to your family about the closest exits and hiding places to their bedrooms and you can even do a dry-run and time everyone on how long it takes them to leave the house in an emergency. Now for the terrifying part: What to do if you’re home when someone breaks in? Stay calm and call 911 Your first instinct in the event of a break in will be to panic. Do everything in your power to stay calm. Focus on your breathing and remain as calm as you can in this traumatic situation....

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DIY Home Security Tips

Blog | 4 December 2015

Whether you’re renting a house or own your home, ensuring your family and valuables are secure is everyone’s top priority. We’ve come up with some do-it-yourself home security tips to keep your property and the people you love safe. Install your own security system You can purchase a security system from your local hardware or big box store. Make sure the system you purchase is wireless and can be installed easily with household tools like a hammer and nails or double-sided adhesive. The system should include door and window alarm sensors and if possible, motion sensors that can be moved around as needed. Security cameras for properties outside may prove challenging to install on your own, in which case you should contact a professional security company to do it for...

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